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149 Tips for a Stress-Free Move
... across town or across the country!

149 Tips for a Stress-Free MoveImagine moving and not getting flustered or worried about anything!

Do you get all stressed out at the thought of everything you need to do for your upcoming move? Do you worry that you'll forget something important as you plan your move?

As a veteran "mover," I can tell you that I have been there and done that regarding all kinds of moving experiences.

So I wrote an ebook about moving - tips on how to do it right and pitfalls to avoid.

Here are just a few of the more interesting things you'll learn to avoid if you buy this ebook:

  • Learn a really simple tactic to make sure the movers handle your belongings with care.
  • How to pack your delicate and irreplacable items.
  • How to make sure your utilities are cancelled at your old home and started at your new home without complications.
  • How to make sure your packing is completely done before moving day.
  • How to pack - what to pack first and ideas for getting rid of unwanted items.

Online Moving Boxes, Inc.

Using the tips in this ebook, your next move or relocation will be stress-free!

  • You'll know that your mail is being forwarded correctly!
  • You'll know that all of your utilities will be turned on in your new place and turned off in your old place - when they are supposed to be!
  • You'll know that your belongings will arrive in your new home on time, safely, and not damaged!
  • You'll know how to pack everything you own the very best and most secure way!
  • You'll know that every detail has been taken care of so that you can settle comfortably (and stress-free) in your new home!

The ebook is in PDF format and is available for download immediately after your purchase through Clickbank.

Order now!

You are ordering through a secure server. Your information, including your email address, will never, ever be shared or sold and will be kept confidential.

"I never knew there was so much that can be done to make a move as stress-free as possible. Next time I'm packing up, this book will be printed out and covered with check-marks. Cheryl has put together a very rare creation -- an ebook that is really, really useful and really, really easy to put into practice. Every mover should have a copy."

Martin Avis,

"I read over the booklet and found it to be excellent! I found myself trying to make mental notes as I read, and I kept thinking...she needs to talk about pets. Lo and behold, a bit further down there were the tips I was looking for! So I think you covered everything."

Cathy Bryant,

Thing is, moving is a highly detail-oriented task. Add in the emotional turmoil we feel when everything we own - including priceless and irreplaceable things like family pictures and keepsakes - is hauled off on a moving truck, or a rented truck, or a friends vehicle. It's hard not to panic.

But with this ebook, everything you need to do is laid out for you in detail, so everything will be taken care of.

After my last three moves, all of which have been cross country in the United States (VA to AZ to MD back to AZ), I started taking notes because I knew, after all the moving I had done, that I could offer some valuable tips for people who are planning to move.

149 Tips for a Stress-Free Move! is sound advice learned the hard way by the blunders and mistakes I've made on my countless moves. I cover it all and then some! So if you are planning a move or know someone who is, get this ebook and save yourself a lot of stress!

It's a bargain at only $11.95, and you can purchase it through Clickbank's secure ordering service and download your product immediately, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

After you receive your ebook, if you don't agree that this ebook gives you awesome tips for your next move, I offer a full 90-day money back guarantee!

Order today - don't wait! Why go through another move blindfolded? Get this ebook, read the tips, and be ready for your next move!

This ebook is in PDF format. PDF files are readable by either Windows or Macintosh computers.

Order ebook here now for immediate download through Clickbank!  


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