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Change Your Life!

The following links show you how I created my own businesses - online and in the "real" world. If not for these resources, I would not be as far along in my business building as I am.

SiteBuildIt! (SBI)

Before I found SBI (and even for a few years after), I thought I was a web designer who knew best about everything. SBI offers the ability to focus on content, building content, and takes away the need to pay attention to all the underlying tech stuff that makes a website successful for both human visitors and web spiders. Once I realized I could let everything else go (which is VERY hard for a web designer!) my SBI sites started to shine!

Changing Course

Changing Course literally changed my life. I found Changing Course many years ago and subscribed to the newsletter, which is something I HIGHLY recommend you do as well. The newsletter - not to mention the site! - is chock full of inspiration, resources, advice, and more to help you find the courage to change your life for the better.









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