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How Single Daily Actions Help Your Business Growth

(c) 2002 by Cheryl Williams Levey,

Do you ever sit down in your office and wonder what to do? Before I developed a focused plan, I found myself spending hours going through my emails, following links and reading newsletters (I subscribe to a lot of them!). Sure, some things that need to be done arrive in my inbox every day, like following up with people who contact me, but without my plan, my Single Daily Actions -- SDAs for short -- my business would not last.

SDAs are basically a list of business building tasks to do every day. Anyone with their own business knows that the list of things to do is absolutely unending, but without the SDAs, the minimum to do's that actively build your business, you can find yourself wasting time on worthwhile but not business producing tasks (like email). SDAs are fluid, meant to change as the business changes, and primarily meant to increase your business visibility while keeping you on track.

SDAs are the bare minimum of what to accomplish each day. If you do more, great! And you probably will. But if that's all you do, that's fine because you have consistently focused on what MUST be done to grow your business.

You know how important it is to focus, focus, focus. Focus on what must be done. If that was all there was to it, I could justify focusing on the redesign of my website. But that doesn't market my business, does it? That doesn't help my business grow right now.

Focusing on SDAs, however, does. Having SDAs forces consistency, which is another component of successful business owners. You must build consistently, e.g., daily. If you don't, if you skip a day or two's work on the business, it just becomes easier to let things slide into oblivion and the next thing you know, the business is gone, or so far behind that you consider giving up.

So, what if you take a vacation? Everyone needs them now and then! By all means, take some time off!

Prepare before your vacation by doing more (if you can) on your business before you leave. If you are active on any message lists (e.g., like Yahoo, MSN or Topica Groups), turn messages OFF before leaving and then just turn them back on upon your return. That will help minimize the number of emails you come
back to.

Then revise your SDAs for your return. Double or triple up on your efforts to catch up. And for those hundreds of emails? Do your SDAs first and THEN look quicklythrough the list and answer those that are important, but delete as many of the rest as you possibly can.

I know it's difficult to ignore or delete all of those unread messages, but it's important to develop the discipline to deal only with the ones that matter to your SDAs. That's important even when you are checking email daily.

Do the SDAs for the day and then get through your inbox. Believe me, as a person who has gotten off track a few times, you'll feel so much better about your business (and yourself) if you make sure you accomplish those SDAs FIRST, and then get on with the other stuff.

Single Daily Actions: What do they mean for you? They provide an incredibly powerful but simple way to make sure your business grows.


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