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Mission Impossible? Working at Home Without a Sitter

(c) 2002 by Cheryl Williams Levey,

People have flat out told me, without wavering even a tiny bit, that working at home while watching kids is absolutely impossible. I beg to differ because I happen to do that very thing. It's true that I have some help from my husband nights and weekends, but I'm left to my own devices during business hours I still manage to get my work done.

Sometimes it means working very late at night or getting up before it gets light out! Sometimes it means working on weekends and other times that are typically "off" times. Sometimes it means allowing the kids to watch too many videos. And sometimes they aren't thrilled that I'm asking them to wait for something.

So circumstances are not always ideal, but it has been working in our household.

Wait just a minute--my infant just started fussing.

I'm back. See, that didn't take long. : )

Still, people will insist that work and watching kids cannot mix. (I'm betting these people have never really tried this.)

Well, then, why work at home? If so many people want to work at home so that their kids don't have to go to day care, and they have to be cared for by someone else anyway, why bother leaving the office job?

Of course, there's saving money on lunches, clothes, and gas. There's no frustrating commute or daily contact with people you may not get along with. There's the fact that working at home, you don't necessarily get mired in meetings too often and typically have fewer interruptions resulting in higher productivity. Ok, so that last one may not be true with kids, but still! There are some very good reasons for people to work at home that have nothing to do with kids.

So these are reasons that can be used if you want to leave the kids part out of it.

But for those that say that their kids are the reason, how do they do it? What do they tell those people who say it cannot be done?

I say: Oh yes it can. Come to my house on any weekday during business hours and you will probably think you see chaos because you will initially notice a messy house. But what is really going on is two kids who love playing with each other and with their toys, who know that mommy works a lot but also that she is always at home and available if she's needed (even for making chocolate milk!) and a pretty happy family that eats every single meal together. You will also see me working very hard for long hours to be sure that I meet my commitments to my business.

I feel better in general since bringing my office home because I know exactly what my kids are doing, exposed to and learning. I know they get fed and nurtured and I know that they are not ignored when they have needs. And my day is punctuated with hugs, kisses and snuggles from my kids. What could be better?

Working at home with the kids works just fine for me!


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