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Are You Focused On Your End Goals?

(c) 2002 by Cheryl Williams Levey,

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one."
-- Mark Twain

Lately, I've taken a hard look at what I've been doing to build my business. Seems I've been working awfully hard lately, and I just wanted to make sure that what I was doing was in line with reaching my end goal.

Turns out I have been sabotaging myself!

I've been busy, for sure, but I've been spending the most time on things that should not be the top priority. Things like email and adding content to my website. These tasks are important, but they should not be the first things I do each day.

So, how do I get back on track and how will this article help you in your business building adventures?

First, focus on what your end goals are. This means actually defining them specifically. This means defining where you want to be in three months, six months, a year, five years, and in the long-term.

Keep in mind that what you define today will probably need revising as time goes on.

When we have our list of goals, we need to draw up a specific plan for reaching them. Literally, draw the map, or blueprint, of how you will get where you want to end up.

You must focus on what is important and not jump from one thing to another, which is one of my problems.

Then, prioritize what needs to be done each day, week, month, etc. For me, this means putting the marketing of my business at the TOP, above going through emails and adding content to my websites.

Make a list, in order of importance, and post it beside your computer. This list of tasks is a schedule of business activity, with the most important items first. If it helps, make a daily schedule that includes all of the important "tasks" for the day, including time with the family and time to read, and whatever is most important to you.

Then, the biggest part: Take action. Without action, there will be no results, and certainly no growth or strides toward the goals.

So, take the list and schedule seriously. Literally go through the list each day, week, month, etc. and check off items as they are completed.

Before you know it, you'll reach the first goal, and then another!

So, what is the formula for reaching goals?


You can do it! (And so can I!)


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