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Making Money on eBay

(c) 2003 by Cheryl Williams Levey,

eBay auctions present the opportunity for a very lucrative income for many people. And for others, like me, it's a fun way to make some extra money while getting rid of stuff we don't want any more. Who knows, maybe I'll turn this into a huge income! Some people have done it, that's for sure. eBay is a goldmine of internet profits for anyone who wants to learn how to use it.

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To get started, just sign up at eBay and you'll get a unique user ID, and will be sent information on how to use eBay. The best way to learn is to browse through all the options.

You should create an About Me page when you sign up. I believe that having this in place helped me in my first auctions. Because I was an "unknown," it could have been very hard to get anyone to even place a bid on my stuff, but at the time, my About Me page addressed that concern and gave my email and phone number. Being reachable helps with being trusted, especially on the internet.

When you create an auction, just follow the online steps at eBay to get it all set up. I only did one auction my first time, so that I could see how everything worked. After the first time, I listed a few items at a time.

Basically, once you list your item, you just wait until the end of the auction. You can check on bids, etc., if you want, but you will not be notified until the end of the auction. Then, you'll get a "congratulations" email with the details about who purchased your item(s) and for how much.

Then, you need to take action right away. You can't leave your buyer waiting, or you won't get the positive feedback you need to show others that bidding on your merchandise is worth it. Contact the buyer to thank them, finalize payment (if necessary) and get the items shipped. Within 24 hours if possible.

For payment, eBay recommends using PayPal, so be sure to set up an account at PayPal before setting up your eBay account.

When you've sent the package, you can send an email to your buyer telling them that their package is on the way and reminding them to please leave feedback for you on eBay. The feedback will help you get more business because some people rely on positive feedback ratings before they will buy from you. So, getting started can be challenging but if can be worth the hassle financially!


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