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Do It Your Way

(c) 2002 by Cheryl Williams Levey,

Do you get intimidated by other people's proclamations of "guru-dom" and other self-serving statements about how knowledgeable or expert some of these online business owners are?

Ever talk yourself out of doing something because you just can't see yourself doing what they are doing?

Maybe because you don't really like the way they do it, or maybe because what they do seems too hard to figure out and put into practice? Or maybe because they way they do it just doesn't ring true for you?

Well, you are on the right track in feeling the way you do!

Having a successful online business is MORE about being yourself and doing things your way -- and making mistakes along the way, and not knowing all the answers -- than becoming a cookie-cutter of someone else.

I'm proof of this. When I first started, I copied other people's ads and messages and used them, changing, of course, the parts that were not true in my life, but I used them just the same. They didn't ring true. They were not me, not written by me, and did not have my personality in them.

And everyone who read them knew it.


Can't you just tell when things are "canned"? Like when an actor doesn't quite get a line with the right conviction, like when he or she is trying too hard?

I was trying too hard to be perfect. And as a result, my business got a very slow start, because I was afraid to call anyone without a set script, afraid to email anything without it being totally "professional," afraid to develop my website the way I wanted it.

Luckily, I started to catch on to what really brings success:
Following your desires instead of trying to force this or that program into a viable business. When I first started, I followed and mimicked what other people were doing. It's ok to learn with, but it's not where success is. I had to find MY voice and decide for myself how I wanted things to be.

And so should you. Your business should be whatever YOU want it to be, even if it's a combination of several programs. You do not, and should not, have to completely duplicate what another person is doing.

It took me a while (guess I'm a slow learner!) to realize these two very important things about owning a business. Pay attention to this and it will save you a lot of time (and money)!

First, it is your business and you make the decisions and take all of the responsibility for its success -- or failure. As such, it better be what YOU want it to be and NOT what someone else is doing.

Second, people want authenticity, not pre-written letters and ads. Whether they've been tested and are deemed wonderful or not, people are more apt to come to you if you are being yourself. They don't want some canned correspondence -- they want a real person!

So, don't be afraid to be one, complete with flaws! And don't be afraid to build your business on your terms.


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