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Using Clickbank to Earn Money Online

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ClickBank Super Tips: How to become a high-earning ClickBank affiliate or merchant

When searching out the perfect home business, people tend to look for ideas that they can start from scratch in order to have their very own, unique, totally one-of-a-kind business.

That's great! It's the way to go, especially if you follow your heart and do something that you really love.

However, sometimes our dreams aren't exactly... high-income producing, if you know what I mean. Or maybe they are and we just want something extra. That's why I recommend to people that they add an extra income stream or two to their business.

One way is to sell other people's products for a commission.

Sound hard? Not really, especially if you stick with electronic goods. ClickBank is "the online distribution center for over 10,000 digital products and services that are delivered entirely over the Internet itself (via web pages, files, or email)."

This site offers several ways for anyone to make money.

First, you can recommend the site itself to people, like this:

Yep, that's an affiliate link, and I can earn a commission from anyone who uses that link to become an affiliate or a vendor.

If you choose to become an affiliate, all you do is sign up (for free) by creating your own ClickBank ID (mine is cherylleve) and look through the thousands of products to find some you'd like to promote. You can promote them on your website, ezine, or via other advertising methods. If people buy those products through your link, you get a commission.

I offer several products that belong to other people through ClickBank. I get a commission from the sale of any of those offerings. If I sell one of each of the different products, all of my commissions are added together and ClickBank sends me a check. They pay all of their affiliates two times per month. You don't have to worry about keeping track of all the different products and commissions and who owes what. ClickBank gives you a personal stats area that keeps track of all of that for you.

If you choose to become a vendor, you pay a one-time fee of $49.95 and you can then list your own products (electronic only!) on the site and offer other affiliates the option to sell your products. You should offer at least a 40% commission, 50% is typical.

Don't worry that you won't make as much money if you let other people sell your products for you. You'll make 50% from sales you didn't have to lift a finger for and you likely wouldn't have made in the first place! Allowing other people to promote your products only increases your overall sales - and you have to give them something for their hard work or why would that want to promote your products? It's free advertising and good business.

There you have it, three great ways to earn money through ClickBank:

1. Promote the ClickBank website

2. Become an affiliate and promote some of the products listed at ClickBank

3. Become a vendor and sell your own products on ClickBank while also giving other people the opportunity to sell your products themselves.

This article is by no means comprehensive, but rather a general overview of what ClickBank can do for you.


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