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Summer-Time Boredom

(c) 2002 by Cheryl Williams Levey,

Ahhh, June. Summer is really here and school's out! It took about three days for my son to start telling me he was bored. Funny, kids all over the world look forward to their break from school, but then don't really appreciate this wonderful annual gift. How many of us adults would welcome a two-plus month break from our obligations?!

Well, I have some plans for my son and hopefully some of these ideas will be useful to you too:

  1. He is going to several one-week, half-day camps over the summer.
  2. Almost daily, he plays in the sprinkler in our back yard. (This is also useful for watering our one backyard tree!)
  3. He has paints and chalk on our back patio and sometimes spends hours on "masterpieces" for me--on paper and on the patio!
  4. We go to the movies a lot (Here in Phoenix, it's kind of hot to go to the park for too long, but we do that too, sometimes early and sometimes late in the afternoon when the hottest heat is past)
  5. We set up play dates at indoor play places or go to a pool to swim
  6. He spends time with friends.
  7. He watches some TV and videos (I know I know, but it helps when I need to get some work done and he doesn't want to do other stuff)
  8. He plays computer games, most of which are educational
  9. We bake cookies together :)
  10. He "reads" his books and magazines (he has several subscriptions to magazines like Thomas the Tank Engine and Highlights).
  11. He draws me a picture--and signs his name! (He's 4).
  12. He builds intricate train or car tracks and creates stories to act out.
  13. He listens to music and dances>
  14. And the most awesome one of all:
    He entertains his little brother so I can concentrate on what I need to do!

My son has a great time doing these activities, whether they are for us to do together or whether he is to to them independently. Hopefully, your kids will benefit from some of these ideas too!


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