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How To Overcome the Blahs

(c) 2002 by Cheryl Williams Levey,

It's been raining here in the desert for a couple of days and this is rare. Although we do need the rain here, I can't help but feel...blah. I remember this feeling well as it is how I felt for most of each winter of my life before moving to Arizona, which boasts up to 360 sunny days per year. Which is why I wanted to move here.

Anyway, things other than the weather have attributed to my blahs. I've been feeling overwhelmed with too much to do, too little time, too many interruptions, too little sleep, not to mention external events that are completely out of my control.... And I've been beating myself up because I haven't been keeping up and feeling down at the end of the day, because I've been focusing on what I didn't get to instead of what I did accomplish.

Part of overcoming the blahs is to focus on the positive. We all have days when we don't do that, or even feel angry and rebellious because we are tired of doing that, and that's ok. Go ahead and feel down or angry or whatever for a day or so. But don't do it for long.

Even at the height of my blahs, I still know I'll snap out of it soon. Thankfully.

But sometimes it takes a little work on my part, and I'm guessing that applies to most people. Maybe even you.

So, here are a few simple tips for overcoming the blahs and getting back on track. I'm taking my own advice here! : )

  • Even in the midst of your rebellion against it, try to focus on the positive. At the end of the day, look at what you DID do and congratulate yourself for getting that much done. Instead of thinking of your endless To Do list, think of a Done list -- and even write it down if that helps.

  • Be realistic about how much you can actually get done. Most things take longer than we give ourselves. Some of the things on my list by themselves are huge tasks and I was unrealistically (subconsciously) believing I could tick them all off in the course of one day! Understand that you CAN'T do it all at once! It is completely unrealistic to think that you can finish everything you want to finish in your lifetime in just one day. For me, when things are on a bulleted list, they look like small things. It's just one line item! But in reality, some of those bulleted items are monumental tasks, and should be broken down into small parts themselves. So, get real about what actually can be accomplished in the time you have available. Then prioritize!

  • Give yourself credit for your interruptions. Have you ever started the day with a list of tasks, only to find that you are continuously interrupted for one thing or another? Give yourself credit for keeping up with the interruptions. If your interruptions were business related, feel good about addressing those needs. If your interruptions were family-related, feel even better about being there when your family needed you. In the grand scheme of life, reading a book with your kids really is just as (or more) valuable as getting those business calls done.

  • If possible, take a walk or do some form of exercise. Sounds counter-productive to actually getting work done, but the truth is that fresh air and/or exercise can revitalize you and provide you with mental clarity -- and help to chase off the blahs.

  • Have lunch or coffee with a friend and enjoy the conversation. Sometimes, blahs are brought on by isolation. When you work for yourself from home, there are no more chats with colleagues in the office, and sometimes it can feel stifling to only have yourself to talk to all day! :) If this is a regular problem for you, join a group that has regular meetings or get togethers and make sure you attend them.

Whatever you do, though, don't purposely wallow in the blahs. If your blahs don't go away within a few days, seek help from your doctor or other health professional.

As for me and my blahs? Well, I'm already feeling better. After all, I got this article done! Think I might dig out the umbrella we've never used since living here and take a nice walk!


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