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Happiness Is...Being True to Yourself

(c) 2002 by Cheryl Williams Levey,

Success is defined differently for everyone. However, no matter what your definition of success is, I have found a sure-fire way of attaining it. During the many years that I have sought my success, the secret to acquiring this elusive state of being has slowly dawned on me, particularly in the past year.

Achieving success requires the willingness to apply one simple concept: Be true to yourself. Yes, it's a cliche, but if you look a little deeper at what it really means to be true to yourself, you'll see that it means to at least try to grasp your dreams.

Everyone has talents, those inner treasures that are often simply ignored because other things appear to be more important. And while it's true that paying the bills and taking care of the family are the highest priority, too many of us get stuck in jobs that don't satisfy us or fulfill our souls. In essence, we routinely ignore that little voice inside telling us that what we are doing is not making us happy. We spend years doing jobs simply for the money or benefits, or waiting for retirement.

What kind of life is that? Plodding away our lives in exchange for something we may never even be able to take advantage of? And what about what really makes us happy? Over the years, that little voice fades into thoughts of regret.

Don't let that happen to you. Being true to yourself does not have to mean cutting the strings of security. It's true that you can't just dump the job, but you can plan to.

First, decide what you want to do. Lots of times, this will be something that may make a little money, but not enough to support the lifestyle you are accustomed to having. Decide whether "down-sizing" your lifestyle is acceptable (or even realistic) to you and your family or not. If not, think of other income streams you could create in addition to doing what you love. Stick with only what you can envision enjoying if you can - DON'T just put yourself in another "job" that you will end up dreading.

At the same time, be realistic as to what you require. You will need to be able to cover health, life and home/business insurance on top of earning enough income to pay your mortgage/rent, utilities, etc. Don't be tempted to go without these important coverages because you simply never know what will happen and when you will need them.

If you want to leave your job because of the atmosphere, rather than the actual work, using the skills you acquired on the job in your own business or in a different way may be the answer. For example, a secretary can become a personal or virtual assistant. Or a truck driver can become a school bus driver. Or a web designer can simply leave a corporate setting to become self-employed.

But if you just can't stand what you do, it won't be the answer. Define what you do want to do and the possible ways it could bring you income. Online, information in the form of ebooks, applications, etc. is very popular right now. You could write an ebook about what you love. You could create a website about your favorite interest (like golf) and offer advertising and related affiliate programs in addition to valuable content.

The point is, don't look back on your life with regret. Look forward, overcome the fear, and create your own way to be truly happy and true to yourself. When you are excited, proud, and happy about what you do, you will find success beyond your wildest dreams!


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